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                Lecture on the constitutional safeguarding of the rights of the trans-gendered in China was successfully held
                The 97th Mingde Legal Culture Forum: The Etiquette and Law Traditions of Chinese Civilization: The Tension of Unity and Changes between Ancient and Modern Times
                The Round Table Seminar on Forensic Science and Prevention of Miscarriages of Justice was successfully held
                ¡°The role of academic journal in pushing forward the research on human rights in new era¡± seminar was successfully held
                The symposium on "Reform and Opening up and Corporate Rule of Law" was successfully held
                NEWS & EVENTS  
                Dean of Chulalongkorn University Law School visited Renmin Law School
                Professor Vincent Rougeau, Dean of the Boston College of Law, visited RUC Law School
                VIEW POINTS  
                Cheng Lei: Legal Control of Big Data Analytics in Investigations [2019/3/5]
                Tian Hongjie: Empirical Study on the Cases of Malicious Overdraft Credit Card Fraud [2018/12/30]
                Xu Shanghao: Let Individuals Return to the Family [2018/12/28]
                Wang Yi: On the Multiple Contexts of ¡°Shall¡± in Property Law of China [2018/12/17]
                Harald Hau:Does Fin Tech Credit Boost Entrepreneurial Growth in China?[March 13]
                Sleeping, awakening or collusion? ¡ª¡ªAn Empirical Study on the Voting Rights of Shareholders' Meeting of A-share Listed Companies [Dec. 28]
                HE Qisheng: The game and trend of international rules of e-commerce [Dec. 27]
                Law School's Undergraduate Innovative Talents Completion Report [Dec.26]
                MONOGRAPHS & VIDEOS  
                Hu Tianlong: The Politics of the Drive Against Corruption [2016/12/13]
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